Jack of all trades. Fearless negotiator. Financially savvy. Always ready to roll with the punches. 

It is my calling to make everyone feel as if their needs have been satisfied, to induce compromise where no one feels compromised, to keep the peace and the momentum flowing. Staying behind the scenes and out of the limelight, but at the heart of production. 

In the world of production, time and money are the biggest commodities. It is my job to ensure those commodities are used in the most economical way, without cutting corners, to create an exceptional product.

  • Producer Bio: I am a producer of 7+ years, working in both union and non-union live-action, animation, post and still projects. I have worked with brands such as Disney, Star Wars, Coca-Cola and The Onion. I can help you bring your concept to life, pulling crew, equipment, permits, insurance, locations and casting talent. I can apply for the Illinois tax credit and will close out the project with an organized wrap book.

  • Director Bio: I am obsessed with details. I enjoy telling stories through strong visuals and unique concepts, immersing the viewer into a rich world of vibrant colors. I want each frame to look like a picture, telling a visual story. I love building concepts and creative pitches.

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